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Victorian Implementation Review of the Recommendations from the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody: Discussion paper 444 Available
Questions re Court Reporting and Administration 425 Available
Court System of Japan 413 Available
The French National School for the Judiciary 415 Available
Report of the Working Party on the Establishment of a Commercial List at the Auckland High Court 413 Available
Guidelines for the Media: Western Australia Supreme Court, District Court, Family Court, Children's Court and Magistrates' Courts (with reference to the High Court of Australia and the Federal Court o 419 Available
Brisbane's New Courthouse for the Supreme Court and District Court 603 Available
Judicial Education in France 416 Available
Constitution Hill: The history of our future 423 Available
The Constitutional Court Library: A world-class resource in and for Africa 417 Available
Aboriginal Deaths in Custody: Overview of the Response by Governments to the Royal Commission 405 Available
The Bluebook: A uniform system of citation 278 Available
Law and Justice Conference: Report to the Chief Justice of South Australia Justice John Doyle 410 Available
The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa: Act 108 of 1996 369 Available
Australian Courts: Serving democracy and its publics 726 Available
Judicial Essays: Being a selection from the papers read to the conferences of Australian Supreme Court Judges held in 1972, 1973 and 1974 428 Available
Victoria's Constitution: The Constitution of Victoria with notes on how it works 419 Available
Practical Law on Foreign Economics and Commerce 399 Available
Visit to the Federal Court (New South Wales Registry) by Judges from the Philippines 448 Available
Qatar International Court and Dispute Resolution Centre: An introduction 480 Available
Aboriginal Deaths in Custody: Response by Governments to the Royal Commission 424 Available
Thailand: King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The golden Jubilee 1946-1996 404 Available
Who's Who in Australia in 2012: An Australian biographical dictionary and register of prominent people with which is incorporated Johns's notable Australians (first issued 1906) 593 Available
Justice According to Law: A festschrift for the Honourable Mr Justice B.H. McPherson CBE 392 Available
A New Courthouse: Proceedings of the Official Opening of the Queen Elizabeth II Courts of Law and the Supreme Court Seminar 523 Available
Beijing People's Court 439 Available
The Politics of Informal Justice Abel, Richard L. 367 Available
As a Matter of Fact: Answering the myths and misconceptions about indigenous Australians Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission 374 Available
Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Training for the Judiciary in Western Australia: Evaluation of the programme for Supreme Court Judges of Western Australia Aboriginal Community Research and Development Unit. Centre for Aboriginal Studies. Curtin University; Australian Institute of Judicial Administration 375 Available
Response to the Victorian Government 1994 Implementation Report: Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody Aboriginal Justice Advisory Committee (Victoria) 378 Available
From Continuing Education to a National Judicial Institute Ademola, Adenekan 384 Available
Guidelines for the Use of Lawyers to Supplement Judicial Resources Advisory Board on the Use of Volunteer Lawyers as Supplemental Judicial Resources 351 Available
Criminal Trial Proceedings Alberta Law Reform Commission 601 Available
Towards a Justice Delivery System for Children in Bangladesh: A guide and case law on children in conflict with the law Ali, M. Imman 599 Available
Telephone-conferenced Court Hearings: A how-to guide for judges, attorneys and clerks American Bar Association. Action Commission to Reduce Court Costs and Delay 369 Available
Standards Relating to Appellate Delay Reduction American Bar Association. Judicial Administration Division; Appellate Judges Conference. Appellate Delay Reduction Committee; Lawyers Conference Task Force on Reduction on Litigation Cost and Delay 14 Available
The Multi-door Experience: Dispute resolution and the courthouse of the future American Bar Association. Standing Committee on Dispute Resolution. Public Services Division; Ray, Larry; Kestner, Prudence Bowman 12 Available
Reforming Justice: A journey to fairness in Asia Armytage, Livingston 602 Available
Parole Decisions of District Parole Boards Asher, Bruce 13 Available
Plain Language for Lawyers Asprey, Michele M. 377 Available
Access to Interpreters in the Australian Legal System: Report Australia. Attorney-General's Department 12 Available
6th Biennial Convention Australian Stipendiary Magistrates' Association 12 Available
Caseflow Management Policy Options for Victorian Courts Baar, Carl; Victoria. Courts Advisory Council; Victoria Law Foundation 14 Available
Benchbook on Substance Abuse and Addiction for Family Courts Babb, Barbara; Danziger, Gloria H.; and Moran, Judith 617 Available
Criminalizing Women: Gender and (in)justice in neo-liberal times Balfour, Gillian (Editor); Comack, Elizabeth (Editor) 226 Available
Principles of Civil Litigation Bamford, David; Leaver, Alan and Rankin, Mark J. 605 Available
Developments in Caseflow Management Initiatives in the New South Wales Court System Barnett, Ian; New South Wales. Attorney General's Department 13 Available
A Radical Tory: Garfield Barwick's reflections and recollections Barwick, Garfield 11 Available
Appeals and Appellate Courts in Australia and New Zealand Beazley, Margaret; Vout, Paul T.; Fitzgerald, Sally E. 63 Available
Achieving Social Justice: Indigenous rights and Australia's future Behrendt, Larissa 225 Available
Sir James Dowling Bennett, John Michael 20 Available
Sir William a'Beckett: First Chief Justice of Victoria 1952-1857 Bennett, John Michael 12 Available
Good Courts: The case for problem-solving justice Berman, Greg; Feinblatt, John; Glazer, Sarah 259 Available
Restorative Justice and Responsive Regulation Braithwaite, John 358 Available
Strange Language: Child victims under cross examination Brennan, Mark; Brennan, Roslin E. 12 Available
Concise Australian Legal Dictionary Butt, Peter; Hamer, David (Editors) 691 Available
Annual Report California. Commission on Judicial Performance 273 Available
The Chief Justice and the Court Administrator Cameron, James Duke; Zimmerman, Isaiah M.; Dowling, Susan Mary 80 Available
Alternative Models of Court Administration Canadian Judicial Council 238 Available
Administrative Tribunals and Adjudication Cane, Peter 230 Available
Australian Mental Health Tribunals: Space for fairness, freedom, protection and treatment Carney, Terry; Tait, David; Perry, Julia; Vernon, Alikki; Beaupert, Fleur 471 Available
Implementing Judicial Education Faculty Development Programs Casey, Pamela M.; Brittain, Mary; National Center for State Courts 63 Available
State Courts: options for the future Cashman, Victoria S.; Fetter, Theodore J. 13 Available
Intermediate Appellate Courts: Improving case processing Chapper, Joy A.; Hanson, Roger A.; National Center for State Courts 65 Available
Fundamentals of Criminal Justice Research Clark, Robert S. 267 Available
The Cost of Criminal Justice: A preliminary international survey Clifford, William; Jeffrey, Marjoram 13 Available
Conflict Management: A practical guide Condliffe, Peter 249 Available
State Court Organization 1987 Conference of State Court Administrators; National Center for State Courts 12 Available
Literacy and Access to Administrative Justice in Canada: A guide for the promotion of plain language Council of Canadian Administrative Tribunals 357 Available
Australian Courts of Law Crawford, James; Opeskin, Brian 237 Available
The 21st Century: The evolving role of judges in the administration of courts and the judiciary with special reference to Ireland Denham, Susan 651 Available
The Judge Devlin, Patrick 276 Available
Will the Circle be Unbroken:Aboriginal communities, restorative justice, and the challenges of conflict and change Dickson-Gilmore, Jane; La Prairie, Carol 266 Available
A Kind of Mending:Restorative justice in the Pacific Islands Dinnen, Sinclair (Editor); Jowitt, Anita; Cain, Tess Newton 461 Available
Sociolinguistics and the Legal Process Eades, Diana 341 Available
Aboriginal Ways of Using English Eades, Diana 321 Available
Killing the Beloved: Homicide between adult sexual intimates Easteal, Patricia Weiser 239 Available
Courts, Litigants and the Digital Age: Law, ethics and practice Eltis, Karen 659 Available
Report of the Review Body on Civil Justice England. Lord Chancellor's Department. Civil Justice Review 13 Available
Legal Research Technique Enright, Christopher S.; Sidorko, Peter 265 Available
Orientation seminar for United States Magistrates to be held 31 August-4 September 1987, Washington, DC Federal Judicial Center 79 Available
Manual for Complex Litigation, Second: For use with federal practice and procedure Federal Judicial Center 12 Available
Issues in Criminal Justice Administration Findlay, Mark; Egger, Sandra J.; Sutton, Jeff (Editors) 238 Available
Justice in Tribunals Forbes, J.R.S. 12 Available
Commercial Alternative Dispute Resolution Fulton, Maxwell J. 60 Available
Politics of the High Court: A study of the judicial branch of government in Australia Galligan, Brian 85 Available
Forensic Linguistics: An introduction to language in the justice system Gibbons, John 350 Available
Examining Court Delay: The pace of litigation in 26 urban trial courts, 1987 Goerdt, John; Mahoney, Barry. 63 Available
Wayward Governance: Illegality and its control in the public sector Grabosky, Peter Nils 234 Available
Society's Response to the Violent Offender Grabosky, Peter Nils; Lucas, William Ewart; Australian Institute of Criminology; Australia. National Committee on Violence 66 Available
The Hidden Gender of Law Graycar, Regina; Morgan, Jenny 12 Available
Crime, Justice and Protecting the Public: The government's proposals for legislation Great Britain. Home Office 59 Available
Interpreter Policies, Practices and Protocols in Australian Courts and Tribunals: A national survey Hale, Sandra 688 Available
Royal Commissions and Boards of Inquiry: Some legal and procedural aspects Hallett, Leonard Arthur 241 Available
Criminal Conferencing: Managing or re-imagining criminal proceedings? Hanlon, Fiona 872 Available
Videotaped Trial Records: Evaluation and guide Hewitt, William E. 62 Available
Courts that Succeed: Six profiles of successful courts Hewitt, William E.; Gallas, Geoff; Mahoney, Barry 62 Available
Juries in the 21st Century Horan, Jacqueline 567 Available
Breaking Spears and Mending Hearts: Peacemakers and restorative justice in Bougainville Howley, Pat 263 Available