AIJA Membership

The AIJA is different to other justice organisations

* It is a non-Government body
* A wide range of professional members can join
* It has close relationships with overseas courts, tribunals and judicial administration

* It works within and outside Australia to promote excellence in judicial administration
   by providing practical assistance and information to courts, tribunals and
   judicial officers

* Australian courts, tribunals and government agencies support the AIJA through
   attendance at conferences and education programs

Our Values

Members are committed to: 

* The rule of Law
* The integrity of the justice system
* Equality of access to justice
* The independence of the judiciary
* Excellence in the administration of justice
* Achieving practical reform on contemparary issues
* Effective and efficient court administraton

Who can Join?

Membership of the AIJA is open to anyone with an interest in the administration of justice. Those with a particular interest in our work include:

* Judges, masters and magistrates
* Tribunal members
* Court administrators
* Legal practitioners
* Government lawyers and policy makers
* Academic lawyers
* Court librarians
* Sheriffs

Membership Benefits

Individual members get important benefits

* Free access to specialist research and publications
* Reduced fees to attend conferences and educational programs
* Involvement in education and research projects
* State, national and international networking contacts
* Opportunities for dialogue and between justice system professionals
* Free access to library and research facilities
* Opportunities to participate in international aid project

On-line Membership form

Print out membership form    Membership Form

Mail to: AIJA , Ground Floor, 555 Lonsdale Street, MELBOURNE  VIC   3000

If you would like further information about AIJA membership please contact the AIJA: 
T: 61 3 9600 1311, F: 61 3 9060 0366 or email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.