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Third International Conference on Therapeutic Jurisprudence


7-9 June 2006


Perth, Western Australia



Call for Papers


The Australian Institute of Judicial Administration in cooperation with the Magistrates Court of Western Australia, the International Network on Therapeutic Jurisprudence, the University of Miami’s Institute on Law, Psychiatry and Psychology, Edith Cowan University’s School of Psychology, Faculty of Business and Law and School of Law and Justice, the International Association of Drug Treatment Courts, William and Mary Law School’s Therapeutic Jurisprudence Program and the Association of Australian Magistrates is pleased to present the Third International Conference on Therapeutic Jurisprudence.


Therapeutic jurisprudence examines the effect of legal processes on the wellbeing of those involved in them, including litigants, witnesses, victims of crime, juries, judicial officers, lawyers, clients and court staff. It explores the healing power of the law. Though commonly associated with problem solving court programs such as drug, family violence, re-entry and mental health courts and alternative sentencing regimes, its scope is as broad as the law itself, embracing such areas as workers compensation law, family law, child welfare law, native title law, circle sentencing courts, international law, coronial practice, civil litigation, appeal proceedings, judging, legal practice, court administration and legal education. For further information concerning therapeutic jurisprudence, see


US Professors David Wexler and Bruce Winick, who developed therapeutic jurisprudence, will be attending and presenting at the conference. Conference delegates will also have the opportunity of attending the biennial conference of the Association of Australian Magistrates that immediately follows this conference in Fremantle and south west Western Australia.


The conference organisers welcome the submission of abstracts of papers for consideration for presentation at the conference. A paper may be on any aspect of therapeutic jurisprudence. Abstracts should be no longer than 150 words. Proposals for panels of 4-5 speakers on a particular aspect of therapeutic jurisprudence are also welcome. The proposals should clearly outline the aspect of therapeutic jurisprudence and key issues to be covered.


Submission of abstracts and panel proposals should be accompanied by a proposed title of the presentation and the names, contact details and position of the presenter(s). Early expressions of interest and queries in relation to possible topics and the submission of abstracts and panel proposals are welcome.


Abstracts should be submitted by email to:


Closing date for abstracts: 30 November 2005


Those submitting abstracts or panel proposals will be advised whether their paper/panel has been accepted as soon as possible. Those presenting papers will be required to register for the conference. Details as to venue and registration will follow shortly.